Kairos Moments

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“For such a time as this” – discernment, decision, opportunity – turning vision into reality. Why are you in this exact place, moment and circumstance? We are called by God to fulfill a purpose.

Kairos Momentstm is designed to help you understand kairos time.

In the Bible, there is kairos time and chronos time.

Chronos time is exactly as it’s implied. It is based on our human understanding of time, or chronological moments.

Kairos time transcends our understanding of chronological time. Kairos Moments are those powerful, extra-special moments packed with meaning. Kairos moments are the defining moments in life – crucial moments, decisive moments. Moments where God intersects with you and leaves you with a revelation or epiphany about some aspect in life – a spiritual revelation.

While chronos is “tick-tock” time, kairos is when time stands still.

Kairos is when God breaks into the routine and speaks loud and clear and you are touched so powerfully deep in your soul that you can never be the same again.

Learn to discern Kairos Moments – enabling and empowering you to take decisive action and create opportunities.

We have created a special version of the coaching program, Kairos Women, for single mothers, single women, and women who have been or are going through a divorce.

This program consists of 12 1-hour sessions meeting 3-4 times per month.

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