Kid Coaching

Teens & Pre-Teens

Emphasizing on the dynamics of teen/pre-teen issues, KidCoachingtm helps the teen/pre-teen resolve and bring power to overcome issues in peer pressure, bullying (inluding cyber-bullying), cliques, queen bee syndrome, sports, parent/teacher approval & more.

KidCoachingtm is very similar to Adult Leadership Coaching with an emphasis on the dynamics of teen and pre-teen issues.  PowerCoaching believes in honoring and respecting the person at all times, regardless of age.

Working with a coach can help your teen/pre-teen accelerate personal development and leadership, as well as help them rise above the common issues they face today.

This is sometimes more difficult than we think.  The daily pressures of life often stop teens and pre-teens from attracting or attaining what they really want from life. They are seeking approval from their parents, their teachers, and their friends. It is an impossible task to accomplish.

Most teens and pre-teens are subconsciously looking for some sense of real power in their life, yet they confuse power with control. Please be aware that coaching will not teach you or your teen/pre-teen how to be more in control or have more control.

The intention of KidCoachingtm is to have you and your teen/pre-teen give up the need for control so you both can attain a sense of real power in life and your relationship with each other. Power leads to confidence, leadership, peace, awareness and, ultimately, results that are truly satisfying.

Please be advised that at least one session with the parent(s) is often mandated. The changes in your teen and pre-teen from working in the KidCoachingtm program will be very difficult to maintain without parental support and a basic understanding of the coaching principles your teen/pre-teen is learning.

While each coaching program is custom-tailored to individual needs and goals, KidCoachingtm programs typically can focus on any or all of the following:

Bullying/Cyber-Bullying – with the electronic age, teens/pre-teens today are bombarded at astronomical rates with information. Much of that can be in the form of negative communication coming at them. While Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube say they don’t tolerate hate speech, it is next to impossible for them to keep up with the bullying that is taking place through their websites. Your teen needs to be equipped to handle anything from the trivial to the traumatic incidents, and they need to learn to respect others enough to not become the bully.

Teens are also the #1 target for retail marketing campaigns. This is a form of bullying. Having to buy the latest shoes or jacket or jeans just to fit in is, in fact, bullying. The sooner your teen/pre-teen understands this, the sooner they will make decisions for themselves rather than other people or the retailers.

Academics/Grades – there are many factors that influence grades for a teen/pre-teen. I am not dismissing the possibility of limitations in comprehension, nor am I unaware that one child in the family may be “better” at taking tests than the other. I am committed to having the teen/pre-teen understand his/her style of learning and relationship to academics that can positively influence the overall outcome of grades.

Relationships – resolve inner conflict; eliminate negative self-thoughts; shift belief systems; create extraordinary relationships; experience connection, joy, and happiness; stop being afraid; discover his/her true self; stop sabotaging; and heal any wounds in existing relationships (especially with family) to start with a fresh slate.

Family Life – learn compromise and collaboration; clear up long-time grudges; provide coaching and support to adjust to new situations – in family communication, sibling rivalry, communication styles, anger/stress management, parental alienation or expectations, family issues, and loss.

Communication – stop arguing and communicate; stop being on opposite ends of the pole from your parents or your teachers; learn cooperation vs. resistance; start being responsible for your own actions and role within your family; discover ways to hold adults accountable for what they promise without arguing or invalidating them; learn leadership skills at a young age that will help you throughout school and life; learn how to balance all your activities and interests with school and family.

Children of Divorced or Separated Parents – provide a safe, nonjudgmental opportunity to communicate; dispel myths/fallacies of being “the only one”; reduce the practice of negative thinking; increase knowledge and practice of effective coping strategies; increase awareness and practice effective ways of express anger/pain; assist in building a stronger sense of self-esteem; enhance the overall quality of life.
Every teen/pre-teen has the ability within to be the kind of person they want to be – learn to provide leadership in their life, access their power vs. control, and have confidence in their life.

KidCoachingtm is somewhat tailored to each teen/pre-teen needs. It is important to understand that to benefit fully from any coaching relationship, the teen/pre-teen needs to commit themselves to the process.  He/she must be prepared to make and keep appointments, as well as complete exercises and assignments in between sessions.  He/she must be prepared to hear things they may not like or agree with, yet take them into consideration anyway. He/she must be coachable. Most importantly, he/she must be prepared to TAKE ACTION on things they realize in the process.

And finally, the teen/pre-teen needs parental commitment.

The #1 reason that teens fail to complete this program is the lack of commitment from the parents.
Your teen/pre-teen often depends on YOU getting them to their appointments, YOUR willingness to change and grow with them, and YOUR love and respect throughout the process.


Your children are not objects you own, they are gifts from God.
It is up to YOU to learn how to relate to the gifts God has given you.


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