Points of Power

Professionals | Executives | Community Leaders

Through the Points of Power™ program, community leaders, entrepreneurs and corporate professionals/executives can expand through focusing on specific points of growth. These points largely go undetected, yet have significant impact in life and business.

The Points of Power™ program is designed to help you change the direction of areas you are committed to by changing your thoughts.

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life”.

In this coaching program, there are two aspects to this:

  1. Focal Points: In professional photography, the term “Points of Power” represents the focal points of a photograph, or the aspects of the photo that you want others to pay attention to. A photograph is divided into 3 quadrants horizontally and 3 quadrants vertically – for a total of 9 quadrants. Photography is not always about centering the important part of the photo every time, but rather, varying the location of the focal point depending on the setting.
  2. Inclusive Mindset: “I” to “We” represents the most critical aspect of “Points of Power”. As you develop and master the 9 focal points, you will automatically transition your purpose from yourself to others. While the program is designed for your success, you will learn that the ultimate power in your success depends on an inclusive mindset.

In the Points of Power™ program, you will develop 9 focal points for success and power. Strengthening these areas will naturally send you in a different direction in life and develop you as a leader committed to the success of others as well as yourself.

This program is 12 sessions over 6 months. The first session is an overview of the program. The last session is a summary and brief “what’s next” planning session for you to move forward on your own.

Cost: 1 Person ~ $1,800  |  2 People ~ $1,500/each  |  3+ People – $1,200/each