Power Positioning

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We all want to grow according to God’s plan and purpose, but are we doing what’s necessary for God to act on our behalf? Some people refer to this as the Law of Attraction. At PowerCoaching, we refer to it as Power Positioning.

In life, we can’t do what only God can & God won’t do what He knows we can. God IS NOT going to do everything for us.

Don’t wait for rain to plant seeds. Plant seeds and then God can bring the rain.

Another great way to look at it is: Don’t be jealous of what other people have unless you’re willing to do what they did to get there.

Many business owners and leaders fail to achieve their goals, or they fail to be able to maintain the momentum. Why? What does it take to not only obtain your dreams and commitments, but sustain and expand them?

Dreams, commitments and goals all require a level of integrity and character to not just obtain, but to sustain and expand. They require preparation…preparing fields, sowing seeds, caring for the field…all in preparation for a harvest.

Sometimes you have all the skills required for the vision God has placed in you, but your character is not a match. Character goes beyond skills. It is the qualities a person needs to maintain focus, take consistent action, remain disciplined, get up after failing, make corrections, continue forward.

In this coaching program, you will work on positioning yourself in family, life and business, while developing the character qualities that are required to lay the groundwork for God to fulfill His purpose in your life.

Coaching sessions are weekly, 3 or 4 times per month, as determined by you and your coach. Duration is 20 sessions, or approximately 5 months, but the final duration depends on the frequency of the coaching sessions.

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