The Spot Coach

Immediate | On Demand

In sports, the spotter is someone who looks or watches out for someone during the act of playing. They provide immediate protection and safety. For example, in weight lifting, the spotter makes sure the person doesn’t get injured by lifting too much and dropping the weight. They prevent disasters from happening. The Spot Coach™ takes that sports analogy to your life.

The Spot Coach™ is a very powerful resource when you want access to your power and ability to cause results or view something from a fresh perspective right now!  Whether you need to get back on track quickly, make a critical decision, or be your absolute best, The Spot Coach™ is here for you!

The Spot Coach™ will listen to what you need right now, then share appropriate and powerful tools, and provide insightful guidance that you can use to propel yourself to the next level immediately.  It doesn’t matter what your challenge may be, The Spot Coach™ will do whatever it takes to powerfully and effectively assist you to get the results and fulfillment you’re really after.

The Spot Coach™ may be just what you’re looking for, if you…

  • Want coaching right now, but you don’t want to enter into a mid- or long-term relationship with a professional coach.
  • Have one particular issue that you’re having difficulty handling.
  • Wish you had someone to help you clear the way to a solution.
  • Have an issue you are ready to tackle immediately.
  • Are heading into an important meeting and need to get mentally prepared.
  • Want to experience relief in an area of your life.
  • Need a stress reducer right now.

The Spot Coach™ is readily available to you and is on a minute to minute basis.  That means you can speak to The Spot Coach™ for 5 minutes, 20 minutes, or 2 hours – it’s your choice!

Contact PowerCoaching today, schedule a one-time coaching session with The Spot Coach™, and deal with it head-on.  You’ll find the results are amazing!  Experience the power of coaching firsthand!

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